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About Our Church

Women of Grace

Monthly Fellowship

Our Vision

To develop a healthy, successful church that fosters spiritual maturity and productive citizenship amongst its attendees and community by offering life changing worship services, evangelism efforts, discipleship, promoting the principles of giving into the life of the ministry, Bible training, social activities, life skill training, and unique and creative ways that will meet the needs of the community at large.

Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to bring hope to everyone with the gospel of Jesus Christ, bringing them to Christlikeness by giving that which we learn to them, so then they will be able to teach others also, thereby releasing the favor of God in our lives, through this life of worship.

Tees & Jeans Sunday


We are Committed to:

  • Stimulating fellowship among the  believers through small groups.
  • Inspiring people to have the attitude that reflects their values; inspiring people to help those in need which is a call to activism; and inspire people to walk by faith and understand that it is filled with joys and struggles, and with certainty and mystery.
  • Training and developing people to be sent out a ambassadors for Christ.
  • Helping others to develop his/her ministry gift, and find opportunities to share the gift within the fellowship and community.
  • Demonstrating Christ through service to the community and support of the mission
  • Promoting both Christian and secular education for the spiritual and mental development of youth and adults.
  • Identifying who is our neighbor and pinpoint ways to touch and transform their lives.
  • Developing opportunities and venues that promote tearing down the walls of classism, sexism, and racism and building bridges of unconditional love.
  • Teaching what it means to transform to the character of God so people demonstrate love and serve others without hesitation and resistance.
  • Encouraging people to be honest in their evaluation of themselves; encouraging people to work together; to assist people in understanding their personal limitations and reinforce that all people have value and every human being has a purpose.
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