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I Want More

More of you is what I need. More of you is what I want. For as the deer longeth for the water, so my soul longs for you.  You are a God who satisfies. The only one that can satisfy this hunger and thirst.
So here I am in your presence. Drench me with your spirit. Open the flood gates and let it pour.  Pour in my mind. Pour in my spirit.  Pour in my space.  Feed me until I want no more. Fill my cup until it spills over. Let my overflow bless others.
With my hands lifted up and my mouth filled with praise.

Challenges of a Leader

There are several challenges that leaders in a Church face.  I firmly believe that all challenges come to make us grow and conform us to the image of Christ; therefore challenges are to be appreciated.  The first challenge that I will deal with is:
 (1) Inconsistency of those whom you are leading. 
We in the Church are in the people business and people are for the most part "Unpredictable."  This unpredictability leads to inconsistency, which can lead to frustration on the leaders part.

Financial Victory

Becoming victorious in our finances is a giant for many Christians.  In order for us to obtain it we must give God His First!, become discipline in our spending and store something up for the lean times.  This is the needle and thread for mending the holes in our pockets...


We are living in the last days according to II Timothy 3: 1-9. Since we know "What time it is" we are more determined  than ever to bring lost men, women, boys and girls to the knowledge and acceptance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is our endeavor to reach the young men between 18-35 years old, whom the enemy is just having his way with.  How do we as the Body of Christ effectively reach and persuade these young men that there is hope in Jesus Christ?  HELP!

Generational Curses

When Adam sinned, God cursed him and his seed.  We are now reaping the consequences of Adam's disobedience.  Just like man-kind is suffering for what Adam did, many people are suffering for what their ancestors have done.  Substance abuse, mental illness, uncontrollable anger, poverty, sicknesses, promiscuity, fear and abuse.  Some tend to think these things are just in the DNA that was passed down from parents; but it is more than DNA because even adopted children experience the generational curses of their adopted families.

Living a Blessed life

Ask yourself "Is this the life God has intended for me to live?"  If the answer is "Yes" then you are living a Blessed life.  But if the answer is "No", then you are living beneath your privilege.  What does "living a Blessed life" mean to you?

You need to go to Church

Many people feel that they do not have to go to Church, because as they say "We are the Church."  Individuals are the Church, as well as the collective body of believers make up the Church.  So, we are the Church and we make up the Church.  There are also those who say that they can get what they need at home.  Well, whenever we get sick we go to the place where there are people who specialize is handling our situation.  We won't sit at home while blood is gushing from us and say "I don't need the hospital, because I can get the medical care I need right here."  No, we get up and go to the person that is an expert in handling medical emergencies.  God has placed those of us who specialize in His Word, and who are experts in the matters of eternity, in the Church.  You can sit at home all you want and slowly bleed to death or you can go to the House of God and have an expert look at your condition and give the word that will inspire, train, teach and rebuke so you will be made complete.  What do you think?

How to recognize a counterfeit.

Since I've started pastoring almost two years ago, I have literally seen 2 Timothy chapter 3 unfold before my very eyes.  There are so many different beliefs and interpretations of the Holy scriptures out there, and if we are not careful, even we the very elect will be deceived.  Workers in the Treasury Department don't waste their time studying counterfeit currency, this would be to exhausting.   So what they do is study the real thing, so when a counterfeit comes there way, they can spot it immediately.  Learn the real thing!  The Bible, and get under a true teacher of the Word so you will become "perfect and lacking nothing."