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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

All my adult life I’ve heard “Practice makes perfect”, but it wasn’t until I started taking piano lessons that I found this saying was wrong.  My piano teacher would tell me to slow down and learn the song at a slower tempo, and gradually increase the tempo, so that when I get to the tempo that the song was composed at, I will have practiced it perfectly and therefore perfected the song.  He said that I could practice the song wrong, and eventually I would perfectly master the song wrong.

For the Love of God


St. John chapter 13 shows Jesus washing his disciples’ feet; identifying the one who would betray him; giving his followers a new commandment and telling Peter that he will deny him three times before the rooster crows. This chapter demonstrates the love that Jesus has for everyone, no matter what they may do or say to him.

In washing his disciples’ feet, Jesus demonstrates that a leader must be a servant, and be willing to bend and minister, not considering their own comfort. In identifying his betrayer, Jesus showed compassion on Judas by not turning the others against him at that moment.

Challenges of a Leader

There are several challenges that leaders in a Church face.  I firmly believe that all challenges come to make us grow and conform us to the image of Christ; therefore challenges are to be appreciated.  The first challenge that I will deal with is:
 (1) Inconsistency of those whom you are leading. 
We in the Church are in the people business and people are for the most part "Unpredictable."  This unpredictability leads to inconsistency, which can lead to frustration on the leaders part.